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Sharing Made Easy With Facebook's ThreatExchange

With an ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, it’s imperative that organizations have a way to facilitate sharing of attack data in order to defend themselves. Rather than re-create yet another solution, we decided to team up with Facebook and provide a visual interface on top of their ThreatExchange product. Starting today, members of the exchange will now be able to send and receive data stored in ThreatExchange directly from the PassiveTotal platform.

When it

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Source Association Overhaul

Late last week, we pushed out a silent update to our source associations page that included several helpful features and the addition of two new sources, 360CN and CIRCL.lu. In total, PassiveTotal now provides access to 12 passive DNS repositories making it the most comprehensive solution for doing threat infrastructure analysis. Over the next several weeks, we anticipate adding two more additional sources to the platform to provide even more coverage.

Beyond adding new

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