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MISP: Sharing Done Differently

One of the awesome things about the security community is its close relationship with development and learning. It’s not uncommon to find open source tools or free solutions that can be leveraged in order to protect your organization from a range of different threats. MISP is one of those solutions and they do a killer job of enabling sharing between disparate entities. We have been paying attention to tools like MISP, so when we

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ScarletCitizen: Defense Through Indirect Sharing

Earlier today, the Citizen Lab released a blog post outlining a technical shift in the tactics used by the Scarlet Mimic threat actor. Scarlet Mimic (SM) was first reported on by Palo Alto Networks in January, and the Citizen Lab report provides additional context on the actors, and their targets.

The researchers report that SM has repurposed parts of their malware command and control infrastructure to serve phishing attacks that mimic popular online providers, like

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Sharing Made Easy With Facebook's ThreatExchange

With an ever-increasing number of cyber attacks, it’s imperative that organizations have a way to facilitate sharing of attack data in order to defend themselves. Rather than re-create yet another solution, we decided to team up with Facebook and provide a visual interface on top of their ThreatExchange product. Starting today, members of the exchange will now be able to send and receive data stored in ThreatExchange directly from the PassiveTotal platform.

When it

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