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Web Crawl to Infrastructure Blowout

In our last blog post, we broke apart the RiskIQ web crawlers and outlined all the content they collect when browsing the Internet. This was helpful in understanding the data, but it didn’t really provide a good example of how we use this content to link to actor infrastructure. For this post, we are going to focus in on a criminal-based threat that often targets social media services and see how we could leverage

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What's in a Web Crawl?

Since releasing our host attribute dataset (pairs, components, trackers), we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from our community. Users are reporting faster investigation times, more substantial connections and new research leads they wouldn’t have found otherwise. While these datasets are great, they are only a fraction of the data RiskIQ stores on a daily basis. What makes RiskIQ’s web crawling technology powerful is that it’s not just a simulation, it’

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PassiveTotal and RiskIQ Combine Forces

When Steve and I first launched PassiveTotal, we understood the need for threat infrastructure analysis tools and were humbled and grateful for the security community’s enthusiasm and support. We’ve always prided ourselves on our analyst-first approach and the experience we offer our customers. That’s why today we are very excited to announce that PassiveTotal will be joining the RiskIQ family.

Merging with RiskIQ allows us to blend our knowledge base with RiskIQ’

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