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ScarletCitizen: Defense Through Indirect Sharing

Earlier today, the Citizen Lab released a blog post outlining a technical shift in the tactics used by the Scarlet Mimic threat actor. Scarlet Mimic (SM) was first reported on by Palo Alto Networks in January, and the Citizen Lab report provides additional context on the actors, and their targets.

The researchers report that SM has repurposed parts of their malware command and control infrastructure to serve phishing attacks that mimic popular online providers, like

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OSINT-Colored Glasses

If you spend enough time in the field, you slowly start to forget what’s common-knowledge versus what you pick up in the trenches or the day-to-day. Information security is no exception to this rule, and yet it’s so easy to forget, even when creating a product for analysts. As you login to the platform or use the API, it’s likely that you’ll now see a couple tags you haven’t added.

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