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Maltego Transforms Reloaded

This week we released an update to our PassiveTotal Maltego transform set, which takes advantage of our updated API and newly released proprietary data sets to provide our community with even more insight into suspicious and malicious infrastructure. With today’s release, PassiveTotal puts more than 100 transforms at our users finger tips, makings it easier than ever to harness the full power of our data within Maltego.

How Do I Get Them?

PassiveTotal transforms

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Triage Faster in CRITs with PassiveTotal

For the past several years, CRITs has provided analysts with a free, open source alternative to a hosted threat intelligence platform. When support for external services went public, PassiveTotal was quick to draft up a service and release it to the community. A lot has changed since then, both in CRITs and most notably, the data that PassiveTotal provides. With our new API released, we felt it was time to update our existing service which

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Identify the "Who" and "Why" of Attacks with Intel 471

When dealing with a cyber intrusion, some of the first questions asked are “who” did this and “why” us. Though the questions posed are simple, they are extremely difficult to answer and require intimate knowledge of the cyber underground in order to begin constructing an intelligent response. PassiveTotal relies on data partners for such actor-data and is excited to announce our latest integration with Intel 471.

Formed in 2014, Intel 471 was created in order

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Illuminating the Dark with Flashpoint

As organizations increasingly find themselves defending their networks against a multitude of attacks, the need to make a confident and quick assessment of an attack or the motivations of actors can be critical to mounting appropriate defenses. Actor-based data collected from Deep & Dark Web forums, sharing networks and exchanges, however, can shed a unique light on illicit communities and offers analysts additional context and understanding surrounding potentially threatening activity against infrastructure.

With this current

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PassiveTotal Hubot Scripts are a Slack Success

Steve and I love Slack. We use it for nearly everything in PassiveTotal from server monitoring alerts to source control reporting to daily chatting about new features or upcoming meetings. So, naturally, Slack is our go-to place to discuss threat-based research. When a new report comes out, we go over the findings, action any data inside the platform and carry on with business as usual. That works great, only there's one problem, why should we

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