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RiskIQ Enriches IBM QRadar with Internet Security Context

For the past several years, IBM’s QRadar has been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SIEM and Log Management. RiskIQ is the cornerstone of External Threat Management programs for many of the largest enterprises in the world. In December of 2015, IBM launched the Security App Exchange that allowed companies to begin creating applications that could enhance the QRadar experience. Today, RiskIQ’s PassiveTotal is excited to announce the release

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Hashes or it Didn't Happen

If you’ve been in the trenches of security research, you may be familiar with the phrase, “hashes or it didn’t happen”. It’s a testament to the importance of having malware when conducting an investigation and it’s something PassiveTotal has historically lacked inside the platform. Our focus has always been to provide the most comprehensive infrastructure solution while working with companies dedicated to the processing malware to fill our gaps. Starting today,

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Bring PassiveTotal Directly to Splunk

Users have asked, and now it's here.

With the all-new PassiveTotal App for Splunk, organizations can now bring context to external threats, analyze attack data, and correlate that information with their internal event data to pinpoint and remediate threats—all in one place.

How does it work?

PassiveTotal App for Splunk from RiskIQ on Vimeo.

To automate security investigations into suspicious domains or IP addresses, the PassiveTotal App for Splunk searches the large and diverse

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MISP: Sharing Done Differently

One of the awesome things about the security community is its close relationship with development and learning. It’s not uncommon to find open source tools or free solutions that can be leveraged in order to protect your organization from a range of different threats. MISP is one of those solutions and they do a killer job of enabling sharing between disparate entities. We have been paying attention to tools like MISP, so when we

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Local Triage with ThreatNote and PassiveTotal

If it’s not clear by our previous postings, we have been making a push to get PassiveTotal data into as many platforms and tools as possible. You may ask yourself why, but the truth of the matter is that each analyst has their own workflow and process. We realize we can’t be all the things to all the people, so we are taking the approach of bring all the data to all the

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