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Boosting Account Security

At PassiveTotal, we recognize that threat research can be a sensitive topic and we’ve made it our priority to ensure our users are safe. In keeping with this mission, we are excited to announce that we now support two factor authentication using Google Authenticator or Duosec. This is a feature that is available for every user within our system for free.

How Does it Work!

If you login to PassiveTotal through the web interface

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Development is Never Done

One of the many challenges in doing development is trying to anticipate all the ways your platform will be used. Given both Steve and myself are analysts already, we have a solid idea of how we would use the system, but that doesn't always represent the status quo. As our user base has increased since the release of enterprise services, so have our usage patterns and thus, we've needed to adapt. This post covers some

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Introducing PassiveTotal Analyst Assist

Threat research and incident response can be a lot like diving into a rabbit hole; some days it’s easy to start with one lead and quickly identify ten more that each take up hours of research time. The constantly evolving landscape forces analysts to bounce from one intrusion to the next, digging in deep for several weeks or sometimes just a few hours, then moving on to the next fire in an attempt to

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