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Scaling a Production Application

One of the most exciting things you can see as a product owner is growth in your customer base. PassiveTotal has grown considerably in the last several months and that has forced us to scale our services quickly. Chances are, if you've you used the application in the past month, you may have noticed slower responses, so we wanted to outline a bit of what was done to scale our services to meet demand.


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Source Association Overhaul

Late last week, we pushed out a silent update to our source associations page that included several helpful features and the addition of two new sources, 360CN and CIRCL.lu. In total, PassiveTotal now provides access to 12 passive DNS repositories making it the most comprehensive solution for doing threat infrastructure analysis. Over the next several weeks, we anticipate adding two more additional sources to the platform to provide even more coverage.

Beyond adding new

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Development is Never Done

One of the many challenges in doing development is trying to anticipate all the ways your platform will be used. Given both Steve and myself are analysts already, we have a solid idea of how we would use the system, but that doesn't always represent the status quo. As our user base has increased since the release of enterprise services, so have our usage patterns and thus, we've needed to adapt. This post covers some

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