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Harnessing SSL Certificates Using Infrastructure Chaining

Infrastructure chaining leverages the relationships between highly-connected datasets to build out an investigation. This process is the core of Threat Infrastructure Analysis and allows organizations to surface new connections, group similar attack activity and substantiate assumptions during incident response. In this blog, we will focus on infrastructure chaining centered around SSL Certificates and how this data set complements traditional sources for infrastructure analysis.

Analysts can use certificate hashes and facets to conduct investigations and discover

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SSL Certificates: Untapped Analyst Potential

Last week, we announced that PassiveTotal would be joining RiskIQ and debuted an updated version of the platform that brought access to new data sources and additional searching functionality. One feature we are most excited about is the expansion of our SSL certificate repository and the ability to pivot on any details inside of the certificate itself. To date, our certificate collection reaches back from present day to early 2013 and includes over 30 million

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