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Triage Faster in CRITs with PassiveTotal

For the past several years, CRITs has provided analysts with a free, open source alternative to a hosted threat intelligence platform. When support for external services went public, PassiveTotal was quick to draft up a service and release it to the community. A lot has changed since then, both in CRITs and most notably, the data that PassiveTotal provides. With our new API released, we felt it was time to update our existing service which

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New API, New Data

Building a scalable API means having a deep understanding of your users' usage patterns. Over the past few months, we have made significant changes to our application architecture to meet our communities needs and as a final piece to the puzzle, we are releasing a new foundation for all our future APIs. We recognize updating code to use a new API is never fun, so we tried to make it easier by building an extensive

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PassiveTotal Hubot Scripts are a Slack Success

Steve and I love Slack. We use it for nearly everything in PassiveTotal from server monitoring alerts to source control reporting to daily chatting about new features or upcoming meetings. So, naturally, Slack is our go-to place to discuss threat-based research. When a new report comes out, we go over the findings, action any data inside the platform and carry on with business as usual. That works great, only there's one problem, why should we

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API Updates and Changes

Earlier this week, we released a brand new version of PassiveTotal, complete with new API calls and documents. Our first attempt at an API left much to be desired and didn't keep up with the feature set that was present within our website. The new version of the API includes the core components of the website, and over the next few weeks, we will continue to grow it to support more account-based actions.

In creating

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